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Bright Green Hydrogen Ltd

Bright Green Hydrogen operate the Hydrogen Office Project in Methil. We have a demonstration centre which allows visitors to come along and look at our novel renewable energy system. The office is powered by a 750-kW wind turbine (called Poppy) and when we have excess wind energy, we use it to create hydrogen gas from electrolysis of water. The hydrogen is then stored until a calm day (when Poppy is still) and we can use it through a fuel cell to provide electricity for the office. We do a lot of education work for the general public, nurseries, schools, colleges and universities, and we are often out doing outreach activities. We also house three low carbon meeting rooms which can be joined together to form one larger conference space.

A picture of the office, energy centre and Poppy the Wind Turbine



Bright Green Hydrogen Ltd
The Hydrogen Office
Ajax Way
Methil Docks Business Park

Tel: 01333 439321
Email: [email protected]


  • Karen Ritchie
  • David Hogg

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