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Buckhaven Beehive

Creative Expression for All "It's easy to make money - it's more difficult to make a difference" Since the decimation of Scotland’s coalfields and the decline of traditional industries such as fishing, Levenmouth in East Fife, once a thriving close- knit community, has become an area stigmatised by multiple-deprivation, the effects of which can be measured in terms of people’s perceptions of themselves as being of little value and without much aspiration. The Beehive, in partnership with local people and voluntary/statutory organisations aims to challenge negativity, through the creation of a programme of Arts and Culture events that recognises the many talents and skills that exist in our communities, and that works towards radical change. A programme: - that recognises people's worth, in terms of who they are, rather than on their economic value. - that challenges the elitism in the Arts that often discriminates/marginalises huge sections of society. - that addresses the economic barriers that exist across the area and develops a curriculum of Arts and Culture activities that takes account of local indices of poverty deprivation - that recognises every individuals' rights; to develop critical thinking, to express that creatively, and to have the space to be seen and heard by others. - of excellence, that works with people towards their democratic rights and responsibilities, in facilitating ownership and empowerment.



Buckhaven Beehive
Arts and Culture Centre
16 College St
Fife, KY8 1JX

Email: [email protected]


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