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Dunfermline Digital Tours

We have five digital tours to follow on your mobile phone or tablet, either when you\'re out and about in Dunfermline or from the comfort of your own home.

International Connections: A small town in Fife has had a big impact on the world in many ways like sport, people, religion and music. Visit locations throughout Dunfermline that have international links and guess what they could be. Prepare to be shocked at the reach of Dunfermline, today and in the past.

Right Royal Toun: Dunfermline is the town which started nearly 250 years reign of Canmore Kings and Queens of Scotland and also the location where the current royal family’s ancestor was born. What other royal facts have you heard? A short tour with twists and turns through the town to make connections to royalty past and present.

Dunfermline\'s Soundtrack: A love letter to the town of Dunfermline’s relationship with music, venues and performers. Come on a stroll to discover who played here, who is from here and listen to songs they likely played at their gigs. Earbuds at the ready…

St Margaret\'s Journey: Join our local guide who will introduce you to Queen Margaret and share some of her extraordinary life spent in Dunfermline. Many stories have been passed down since she arrived here over 950 years ago. Grab your earbuds and enjoy exploring key locations associated with her stories.

Chatbot Guides: Fantasy Safari and Dunfermline\'s Mysteries.




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