Eden Mill Distillery & Brewery

We’re Scotland’s first and only distillery and brewery in one. As such, one might say we have a pioneering spirit. But that’s not entirely accurate. You see, while the traditional meaning of pioneering spirit is a willingness to endure hardship to explore new places and try out new ways (which we do), we are, in many ways, far more inclined to apply our indomitable drive to revisit old places and return to old ways. In a world where people text instead of talk, where friends ‘Like’ rather than love and where ‘social’ media is anything but (what’s wrong with a good gab with great mates down the local with an Eden craft beer or over a limited edition Eden.Mill malt?) Eden.Mill have, in a peculiarly pioneering way, turned back the clock. To a time when tradition, craft and artisanship were revered. To a time when whisky, gin and beer were small-batch and hand-crafted. To a time when St Andrews was not only the world home of golf but home to its very own distillery. Returning to the best of the old ways, no matter how much more laborious, while simultaneously creating exciting, avant-garde notes and styles? Where it’s all about craft and character, rather than economies of scale? That’s the spirit. That’s Eden.Mill’s spirit.



Main Street,
Saint Andrews,
KY16 0UU

Tel: 01334 774 109
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.edenmill.com


  • Victoria McLaren
  • Jamie Craig-Gentles

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