Dunfermline & West Fife LTA Meeting

Date(s): Fri 28 Aug 20

Hello everybody - date for diary - our next Webinar will be on Tuesday 25th August at 2pm - please diary


At our meeting on Tuesday 28th - We heard from Paul Wilson about his new offering at The Dundonald and Cottage in Culross.


We heard from the Gaelic Development officer - A series of workshops are on offer - please see below - can we get 10 names - please let Kirsty know.

What we didn't know about Gaelic opportunities for Fife Tourism Businesses - More than you think



Engaging with Gaelic language, culture and heritage is an asset for any tourism related business, with the overall potential value of Gaelic nationally estimated at between £82- £149 million (HIES 2014). The Gaelic heritage of Fife is largely untapped; with 4000 Gaelic speakers in Fife at the 2010 census, the no of Gaelic Learners on Duolingo tipping 300,000 in April this year, and more people than ever before looking to holiday at home with an 'authentic experience', tapping into this market may help add value to both businesses and visitor experiences alike.


Fife Council Gaelic Development Officer in partnership with Fife Tourism is offer a series of workshops, for free, to help business understand the Gaelic of Fife and build the skills and confidence to engage with it.

At the end of these sessions businesses may be eligible for Gaelic Friendly status.


Each session will be delivered virtually and should last no more than 90 minutes and will run from September once suitable interest has been confirmed. The sessions are:

History of Gaelic in Fife

Being Gaelic aware




further sessions may be developed on request.

For further information or to sign up please contact [email protected]

Dunfermline & West Fife LTA Meeting

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