Screen Ready 2019 with Visit Scotland & TayScreen

Date(s): Tue 7 May 19
Location: Dunfermline Carnegie Library & Galleries 1 Abbot Street Dunfermline KY12 7NL

Join us for Screen Ready 2019

Did you know that 40% of visitors to the UK come here having been inspired by seeing a destination on film or television? It's great news for everyone involved in all kinds of media production, for destinations and for tourism.

2018 was a record year for production in the Fife Tay region and in Scotland. Our iconic, unique and diverse locations play a big role in attracting production. But none of it would be possible without the fabulous, film friendly reception ready to greet production by location owners and all the services from accommodation to technical.

So come along for our free morning event starting at 10am with great talks and winding up with networking lunch. Here’s how you can find out about the movies, TV and commercials shot on location in the delightfully diverse Fife and Tay region and across Scotland. You'll hear from two leading location managers, about new trends like location based Virtual Reality, from locations that have hosted production revealing what's involved and from screen tourism experts on how to make the most of opportunities after the cameras have been and gone.

To highlight the opportunities and share promotional ideas, VisitScotland, TayScreen and Fife Council are
jointly hosting Screen Ready.

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This last year we've all been toasting the wonderful success of The Outlaw King directed by Oscar nominated David Mackenzie who originally hails from Perthshire. The movie tells the true story of Scottish king, Robert the Bruce. After being crowned King of Scotland, this legendary warrior king was forced into exile by the English and went on to lead a band of outlaws to help him reclaim his throne. Playing the lead is Chris Pine whose credits include Wonderwoman, Star Trek Beyond and Hell or High Water.

Poster for Outlaw King movie

Screen Ready is right next door to one of the movie's key locations, Dunfermline Abbey. The movie also shot on location at Tullibardine Chapel in Perthshire and across Scotland.

Scotland's Tay Country plays a starring role in feature films, TV drama, commercials and fashion shoots from cold war biopic Mr Jones to hit time travel romance Outlander, from Ford cars to cutting edge fashion with Vogue.


Chaired by the fantastic Caroline Warburton, Regional Leadership Director, Visit Scotland, our great line-up of speakers is:

  • Tim Maskell and Kirsty Maskell, Location Management

  • Tom Gentle, Location Manager

  • Daniel Parker, Abercairny Estate, Perthshire

  • Wendy Purvis, National Trust for Scotland, Fife

  • Richard Meiklejohn and Ashley Petrie - Oovirt - location based Virtual Reality

  • Jenni Steele, Film and Creative Industries Manager, VisitScotland

  • Linn Williamson, Chair, Filming Fife

  • Julie Craik, Project Manager, FifeScreen+TayScreen and Create Converge

Carnegie Library and Galleries

Dunfermline Carnegie Library & Galleries is a wonderful new museum with gallery spaces, cafe, shop and reading rooms and all adjioning the world's first ever Carnegie Library, named after the famous billionaire philanthropist who came from the town. This spectacular £12.4million award-winning new building opened in 2017 and has won a hos of accolades like the EAA Building of the Year and the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland's Andrew Doolan prize.

The Event

The event will inspire and inform businesses with practical hints and tips across how to attract media production of all types, promoting properties as film locations, working with film crews, making the most of screen tourism opportunities and regional success stories.

All kinds of locations and services can get involved with production. And even if a location or service is not directly involved in a production, there are some great ways to capitalise on links with story lines and stars.

VR and AR are just two great new ways to promote locations and experience places before, during and after visiting. You can see what's ahead almost like being there and get inspired to visit. You can experience places like they might have been in the past or even in the future. And you can visit all over again and pass the inspiration on. More and more film, TV and brands are embracing these new platforms to show, tell and sell whether through headsets or mobiles. And guess what? Filming is done on location for all of this too.

To get information on what's involved and even commission your own experiences, TayScreen's new service, Create Converge can help for free.

Come along on 7th May

So head to Dunfermline on 7th May and let's explore and make the most of all of these great opportunities together.

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If your business is working or engaging with screen and media book your place now for this FREE event. You won't want to miss it.


Screen Ready 2019 with Visit Scotland & TayScreen

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