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WordPress Intermediate

On this course we look at selecting and installing themes, security in more depth, extending your WordPress site functionality by selecting and installing plugins, search engine optimisation, Google Analytics, contact forms.


This course assumes that you already have a WordPress website and that you have a good knowledge of the basic functions covered in the WordPress for Beginners course.

Dates Available and Booking

Tuesday 16th May -  09:30-11:30 - CLICK HERE TO BOOK 


Making Keywords Work for your Website

This workshop will cover how keywords work, what are keywords and where and how to use them. We will discuss the 4 types of keywords.

Part of the SEO process is using keywords: words and phrases that describe what your content is about.

Google uses that information to determine which content is relevant to a particular search query, and how the page should rank in searches for a particular term.

Find out how to approach keyword research and where to apply these keywords within your website.

Dates Available and Booking

Thursday 25th May - 09:30-11:30 - CLICK HERE TO BOOK 


WordPress for Beginners

Introduction to WordPress, creating a site using a standard WordPress theme. This course will cover the basics of creating a simple WordPress site including a blog, additional pages and navigation. We will also look at the minimum security requirements to keep your site safe.


This course assumes that you already have a WordPress website, it does NOT cover installation as there are too many variables. Most hosting companies offer a simple, one-click WordPress installation.

Dates Available and Booking

Wednesday 7th June - 09;30-11:30 - CLICK HERE TO BOOK 

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