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Inclusive and Accessible Tourism

Accessible Tourism or Inclusive Tourism, as it's also known as, is the term used to describe tourism that serves the needs of a full range of consumers.  The Inclusive Tourism market refers to anymore who has a specific access requirement such as people with hearing loss, visual or mental impairment, learning differences, wheelchair users, older people and families with young children. Accessibility is not only about human rights. It is a business opportunity for destinations and companies to embrace all visitors and enhance their revenues.

Benefits of inclusive tourism

Customer satisfaction

Becoming more inclusive can make life easier for a wide range of customers, including people with hearing or visual impairments, wheelchair users, senior travellers and families with young children

Increased revenue

Disabled travellers and senior travellers spend significantly more when they go on holiday than other market groups

Increased loyalty

Inclusive businesses have higher occupancy rates and a more loyal customer base who is keen to recommend them to their family and friends

A growing market

The market is set to increase as the UK’s population ages and the benefits for businesses and destinations catering for inclusive tourism are growing

Important: As a service provider you have a duty under the Equality Act 2010 to make reasonable adjustments to ensure your business or service is as accessible as it can be. Equality Act 2010: guidance - GOV.UK (

Fife already has some fantastic accessible venues, accommodation and attractions but there is always more we can do to make sure everyone can experience our area to the full.

Here are some great resources for learning more about accessible and inclusive tourism:



Euans Guide

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