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A simple way to signify that you are not able to wear a face mask

Fri 26 Jun 20

Via Euan's Guide 


If you are worried about going out without wearing a face covering and want an easy way to show people you pass that you are exempt, then please order one of our face mask exempt badges. 

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These badges quickly signal to people why you are not wearing a mask. The idea behind it is to make the user feel more comfortable visiting places where the majority of people will be wearing face coverings. 

People can be quick to judge others and many people don’t yet understand who all are exempt from wearing face masks. Research from Disability Rights UK showed that 60% of people who cannot wear a face covering fear being challenged for not wearing one. It is a concern that our users were also feeding back to us, which is why we decided to create these badges. We know how upsetting it can be to be confronted by a stranger and so our hope is that our badges will do the talking on your behalf. 

The badges simply say: “face mask exempt”. We’ve included our logo and website so people know where they can request a badge for themselves.

Click here to order a badge

Ways you can support us

We now have a limited number of face mask exempt badges available free of charge. As a small charity we ask that you only order as many badges as you require and that you consider donating or helping in another way to help cover the costs. Here are some different ways you can help us:

  • Donate. Donating helps us cover some of the costs involved. It is costing us £10 to send out badges to five people, so if you can pay it forward you will help ensure we can keep offering badges for longer. 
  • Start reviewing places you visit (when it is safe to do so). Find out more about reviewing on Euan’s Guide.
  • Tell people about us! Spread the word on social media and let people know about us and the work that we do. You can tag us using @EuansGuide or use #EuansGuide.
  • Spend 10 minutes completing our Covid Concerns and Precautions survey to let us know about your concerns around places reopening. 
  • Join our Red Cord Card campaign to help raise awareness of the importance of red emergency cords and make accessible toilets across the UK safer.

Face covering rules and guidance (last updated 23 June 2020)

As different rules and guidelines apply across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the relevant government’s policy and guidance. You will find links to their webpages below.

In England it is now a legal requirement to wear a face covering when travelling. The guidelines for England states that “You also do not need to wear a face covering if you have a good reason not to.” Find out who this includes on their website.

The rules in Scotland are that people must wear a face covering on public transport and public transport premises. Similarly, they recognise that this is not possible for everyone and in the guidelines for Scotland you can find out who is exempt from this rule and in what circumstances you may be exempt. 

It is not a requirement to wear a face mask in Wales at the time of writing. The Welsh Government has this page answering some of their frequently asked questions surrounding the use of face coverings in Wales.

The use of face coverings in Northern Ireland is not mandatory, follow the link to find the guidance for Northern Ireland.

Other resources

The great news is that we are not the only ones offering identifiers to help you let people know you are exempt from having to wear a face covering. The following services are providing cards if you would prefer a discreet option or would like more information that you can show staff:

Have we missed someone? If you know if any other places providing people with face covering exempt cards or anything similar please just let us know

Click here to request a badge from us

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