Ask Andrew Ambassadors giving our visitors a World Class experience

Wed 5 Jul 17

Ask Andrew Ambassadors were out in force at the Bruce Embankment this weekend welcoming our Tour Bus passengers to St Andrews. Tourism St Andrews have recruited town volunteers to help with their innovative scheme giving our visitors a warm welcome and directing them around the town.

With maps provided by BID St Andrews our visitors are directed to the town centre , the castle and cathedral or to a Scottish pub for lunch amidst many other requests. Their requests are varied but we hope to build up a book of Ask Andrew questions and answers for our Ambassadors to reference whatever requests our visitors might have. We can also liaise with local businesses to inform them of our visitors requirements.

On a daily basis more and more cruise ship buses as well as tour operator buses are arriving. It is hoped that by the end of the Summer the Ask Andrews will have built up a good knowledge of who is coming into town and how we can best help them. This will lead to the next phase of the project to liaise with them over the Winter to best understand their needs when they arrive in St Andrews for the following season.

Assisted by BID St Andrews the Ask Andrew Ambassadors have an online schedule to sign up for 2 hourly shifts on a daily basis. The Links Trust are kindly helping out with branding and uniforms to keep the volunteers cosy and dry. The group are hoping to raise some money from other sources such as the Common Good Fund to resource additional materials for the project and hope to initiate the "Wheelchairs for the Beach" scheme. The St Andrews in Bloom are currently working on the whole area to make it more attractive to visitors when they arrive.

Linda anne Beaulier, Community Adviser to Tourism St Andrews"We are really excited about how the town is pulling together to give our visitors a fabulous experience when they arrive in town. Even having change for toilets is a big help for our visitors, so many are international and don't have 30 pence in change in their pockets."

Karen Scott volunteer Ask Andrew Ambassador"It's a really great experience joining this enthusiastic group of volunteers and meeting our visitors. I have met people from all over the World already and hope the warm welcome we are giving will ensure they remember their visit favourably and not only come back but tell all their friends and families to come too. I encourage anybody who has some spare time to join us."

If you have some spare time and would like to join the Ask Andrews please contact Linda anne Beaulier [email protected]. The group are hoping to build up a volunteer network to service all drop off points for visitors in the town. World Host training is offered to all those who volunteer.

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