Cupar’s architectural heritage a timeline of Scottish history.

Thu 8 Sep 16

Area shows off its architecture to celebrate Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design

This weekend (10th and 11th September) Cupar and North Fife is encouraging residents and visitors to take a fresh look at the architecture around them and see the links to Scottish history.

Moira Henderson, chair of the Cupar and North Fife Local Tourist Association (LTA), explains why the area is so rich in architectural heritage:

"The architectural heritage in Cupar and North Fife is a timeline through Scottish history. Visitors can trace the past here starting with the medieval St Athernase Church where gravestones actually date back to the 9th century through to Scotland's turbulent history at Falkland Palace in the 12th and 13th centuries. Then have a glimpse of life in the 19th century at the Fife Folk Museum which sits alongside weavers' cottages from the era. Compare that to the elegance of the Sir Robert Lorimer mansion and hickory golf course at Hill of Tarvit and finally then the agricultural innovation of the sugar beet factory outside Cupar."

There are a series of illustrations of notable buildings and landmarks across Fife which together create a beautiful on-line guide for visitors to explore for themselves. The illustrations and information about each building can be found at

Alistair Bruce, Chair of the Fife Tourism Partnership said:

"The architecture in Fife is a fascinating timeline of our local history stretching from the 9th century to present day. This year, marking innovation, architecture and design, is a timely reminder for residents as well as visitors that some very special people, events and talents are embedded in Fife's history. Many visitors to Scotland come for this historical heritage and Fife has plenty to offer them as part of our other many tourism assets."

The Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design is run by VisitScotland to celebrate awe-inspiring innovation, breathtaking architecture and brave, bold designs through new and exciting experiences and events.

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