David Tennant to introduce gala screening of You, Me & Him in Kirkcaldy

Fri 9 Feb 18

Tickets to see David Tennant introduce a gala screening of his new film at the Adam Smith Theatre are now on sale. He stars in You, Me And Him which has a red carpet screening on Saturday, March 17 as part of Kirkcaldy’s 2018 Festival of Ideas.

The ticket price includes a glass of fizz, strawberries, a walk down the red carpet ... and the chance to see it introduced on stage by David and his wife, Georgie Moffett, who was the film’s producer. The movie is separate to his Q&A with Arabelle Weir which has already sold out. 

The film forms part of the 2018 festival, which also takes in Kirkcaldy’s Food and Drink Fair at Fife College, and is being organised by Adam Smith Global Foundation, Fife Cultural Trust, Fife College, Kirkcaldy4All, and Fife Council with the support of Kirkcaldy’s Ambitions partners, including the Fife Free Press.

Tickets for You, Me & Him are available at the box office and online at OnFife


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