Fife Business NASCAR Sponsor Opportunity

Wed 30 Jan 19

Ben Creanor is 15 years old and in his 4th year at Dunfermline High School.

Inspired by Cars ‘Lightning McQueen’ and a young Lewis Hamilton, he is a motor sport fanatic and has raced karts and stock cars since he was 9. In late summer 2018 he applied to the Euro NASCAR driver recruitment programme for the 2019 season and in early November 2018 he travelled to Fontenay-Le-Comte in France to test drive the 450bhp, 150mph muscle cars. As far as we are aware, he was one of the youngest, if not the youngest, ever to drive a NASCAR and he was competing for a place against established drivers older than himself.

As a result of Ben’s performance both on and off the track, he has been given a place on the recruitment programme so will be driving a Euro NASCAR in the 2019 season. This means that NASCAR will support him as he makes the transition from school boy to professional racing driver. NASCAR racing is one of the most popular and widely followed types of motor sport in the world. It is epitomised by high powered muscle cars racing bumper-to-bumper round race tracks across America.

With 450bhp and capable of speeds in excess of 150mph these cars really are incredible pieces of machinery to watch, particularly as the racing is always so close and tightly fought. However NASCAR racing happens all over the world and the Whelen Euro Series is held in 8 European countries in front of crowds in excess of 25,000. With TV coverage, the European audience is expected to be varied and large which means that your Company can enjoy unrivalled exposure in an environment that is designed to make you feel an integral part of the team.

NASCAR are renowned for the support they give to their partners and, with Ben already catching the public imagination and featuring in both local and national media, this is the perfect time to join Ben Creanor Racing as a sponsor. The attached documents gives an indication of the media exposure enjoyed by Euro NASCAR partners and highlights a range of sponsorship packages that are available to support Ben as he prepares for the 2019 Euro NASCAR season.

This is a dream-come-true for a young man from Dunfermline and the year ahead will be tremendously exciting. We hope that you will seize this incredible opportunity and
join us as we start the journey.


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