Ensure Your Business Benefits From Film Tourism

Wed 4 May 16

Ensure your business benefits from the film tourism industry in Fife by following some of our top tips.

How to attract and work with film crews

1. Register your accommodation or your location and provide plenty of images to FifeScreen Scotland
2. If you are already registered, then think about how best to accommodate film crews, for example offering a discount for block booking on single occupancy and providing food service out of the 'normal hours'.
3. Be flexible and prepared to go the extra mile and expect the unexpected!

Find out more in-depth information and advice today through the FifeScreen Quick Guides.
• Promoting your film crew friendly accommodation
Promoting your property as a location for film and media production
• What to expect from media production

Film tourism

Did you know that 40% of people are likely to visit the UK after seeing it on TV or film? We have devised five simple steps to help your tourism business make the most of this valuable opportunity.

1. Create a 'Did you know' section on your website, make guests aware of any films, TV programmes, adverts you have been seen in, or are located close to - or any actors that come from your region. If you had a famous actor stay or visit, you may want to use this as a hook, but do make sure you are not breaking any confidentiality agreements.

2. Use current films or TV programmes to provide packages or experiences for visitors, such as a themed afternoon tea, special menu, trail, walk or tour. For example, for Outlander, could you link any of your activity to clans, ancestry, or romantic Scottish weddings? Remember, not to use the actual name Outlander on any products or packages - please stick to 'Inspired by...' to ensure you are not breaking any licensing laws.

3. If you operate an attraction, museum or gallery, could you create a mini, temporary exhibition by using existing pieces from your collections? You could create something topical simply by exhibiting pieces together. For example, artefacts, documents and artworks around a Jacobean theme would create interest for Outlander fans.

4. Are there any local tourism businesses that would be interested in working with you to create a wider visitor experience, for example a film themed trail or self-guided tour involving local accommodation, restaurants, cafes, tours and attractions.

5. For accommodation providers - why not have Scottish movie nights during the long winter evenings or stock copies of local, or Scottish films for guests to watch? You could also provide a film fact sheet on where they were filmed and places to visit.

Be in the know

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