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Fife - We're Good To Go

Tue 28 Jul 20

VisitScotland have launched a regional "We're Good to Go" campaign through Facebook events.

These have been created on their consumer Facebook page, and they're encouraging businesses to use these online events to let visitors know that you're accredited, and ready to welcome visitors. It also creates a platform for visitors to engage directly with the industry and indicate that they're looking forward to visiting your business and destination. 

We encourage you to post about your business; let people know you're open, highlight any changes you may have made to adhere to health and safety guidelines, or anything else that will be helpful for visitors to know before they arrive.

Find the event relevant for Fife at As Facebook only allows for events to last a maximum of two weeks, they've set the event date to 31 December to give maximum time for engagement with the campaign. 

Top tips for sharing in the event


Here are top tips from the social media team for sharing content to future visitors about your business and destination:


  • Make sure your website is set up to pull through a great image when sharing a link from your website. Facebook has some helpful advice on this.
  • If you're unsure which image will pull through when you share, use Facebook's debugger tool to test it first
  • Keep your copy snappy and concise.
  • Does your Facebook page have the same name as your business? If it does, there's no need to mention it in your copy. If it doesn’t, remember to make it clear which business you are talking about.
  • Be sure to engage with your own posts by carrying on the conversation in the comments. Answer any questions and work on building relationships between potential consumers and your business.

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