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First Minister addresses speculation around 'circuit breaker' lockdown

Wed 7 Oct 20

Scotland's First Minister addressed mounting speculation around an imminent 'circuit breaker' lockdown in her media briefing today, saying "We are not proposing another lockdown at this stage - not even on a temporary basis."

On the subject of travel restrictions, she said; "And while we have been asking people to think carefully about non essential travel, especially overseas - and while restrictions on travel may sometimes be an option for hotspot areas - we are not about to impose travel restrictions on the whole of the country.

We are not about to shut down the entire economy."

This will come as a relief for many tourism businesses, however, the First Minister also added that the Scottish Government is looking at what targeted steps can be taken over the next few weeks to further stem the spread of the virus which may include settings where 'people are more likely to come together', citing bars and restaurants as "the kind of places we come into contact with other people".

The First Minister took the opportunity to acknowledge the significant challenges faced by tourism businesses in her media Q&A, saying; "I understand how horrendously difficult this is for people like Stephen [Leckie] who has watched a business that's been built up with blood, sweat and tears over the years struggle in the way that so many businesses have. I, like everyone, find it heartbreaking"

You can read the First Minister's speech in full here.

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