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First Minister announces early easing of travel restrictions

Wed 14 Apr 21

Scotland's First Minister has announced an early easing of travel restrictions on travel within and to Scotland from England and Wales at an unscheduled briefing today, also confirming that Scotland's islands would move into a lock step easing of restrictions in alignment with the mainland.

Ms Sturgeon said; "Travel restrictions for wider purposes - such as leisure shopping, visiting hospitality premises or staying in tourist accommodation - will remain in place until 26 April, when these places will re-open and all travel restrictions within Scotland will be lifted."

"I can also confirm today that we do expect to lift restrictions on travel to and from England and Wales on 26 April – something which I know will be welcomed by many individuals, and also by the tourism sector."

She added; "It may still be necessary in future to have temporary travel restrictions to and from places with high rates of Covid - either within Scotland or other parts of the UK - but from 26 April, we intend that people in Scotland will be able to travel anywhere across Britain." 

On international travel, the First Minister said; "We also hope to agree rules for international travel on a four nations basis across the UK. I should stress however that international travel remains a significant risk – particularly given the possibility of new variants of the virus being imported into Scotland."

"It may be the case that we have to endure restrictions on international travel for a bit longer, as the price for much greater normality here in Scotland. However, from Friday, we will be able to travel more freely within Scotland, and to meet up in larger groups outside."

Ms Sturgeon also confirmed the following easing of restrictions from Friday:
  • 6 people from up to 6 households can meet outside
  • Travel beyond your council area in Scotland allowed for day trips
You can view the First Minister's statement in full here.

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