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Turasachd na Gàidhlig do Fhìobha/Gaelic Tourism for Fife Workshops

Fri 18 Sep 20

Turasachd na Gàidhlig do Fhìobha/Gaelic Tourism for Fife


Join us to find out more about Gaelic in Fife and how it may benefit your business in this series of 4 free online workshops. 


Carson? – Why?

Why are we talking about Gaelic in Fife? Why are tourists interested in Gaelic?

Why are we promoting Gaelic in Fife and why should you be?

Thursday 1st October 10:30am

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Cuine? – When?

An introduction to Gaelic heritage in Fife

When were the dates, the dramas and decisive moments

Tuesday 6th October 1:30pm

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Càit? – Where?

A look at the Fife landscape, the place-names and hillnames as a route to understanding language and people

Tuesday 27th October 10:30am

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Ciamar? – How?

A beginners guide to some simple phrases useful for business and tourism and some links and tools to help you in the future

Monday 2nd November 1:30pm

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