Gaming festival coming to Glenrothes

Thu 2 Aug 18

A festival of all things video games is coming to Glenrothes this month.

The Rapture Gaming Festival will be stopping off at the Rothes Halls on August 11-12, bringing lots of activities, events and special guests.

The festival will feature video game tournaments, a Minecraft zone, a retro zone, virtual reality, cosplay, tabletop games, panel interviews, and much more.

The tournaments will see the best gamers facing off in FIFA 18, Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rocket League, as well as many others.

Meanwhile, the retro zone will give gamers of an older generation the chance to relive their youth, with Mario Kart and Sonic among the games available.

An 18+ event, ‘Afterlife’, will be held in the evening, with a bar and mature rated games.

The guests coming to Glenrothes for the festival includes streamers and DJs.

Councillor Altany Craik welcomed the event, saying: “Rapture Gaming festival is a great opportunity to celebrate and enjoy computer gaming. The festival is a weekend long extravaganza that will showcase gaming and we are very happy that it has come to Glenrothes. I have to thank James Anderson and the Rapture team for getting us here with the cultural trust.

“I know this is just the beginning as the gaming community in Fife continues to grow, events like this become more frequent and the development of eSports in Scotland continues. “Events like this happen because those involved are enthusiastic and want to see Fife leading not following, delivering events that we can all enjoy. I am looking forward to the weekend and I know it will be a great success.”

Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased at or

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