George Lauder Bursary 2019

Tue 8 Jan 19

Imagine spending a summer studying in the USA for free – AMAZING!

This once in a life time opportunity would be a fantastic experience and look fab on your CV!

The George Lauder Bursary could make this a dream come true – for you!

What’s it all about The George Lauder Bursary is an annually funded Student Travel and Accommodation Bursary which this year is offering the opportunity for two current or past students of Fife College to travel to the USA to continue an element of their studies at an educational institution or equivalent within 250 miles of New York State.

How long is it for?
The maximum period of bursary support will be up to one month, during summer 2019. It may be necessary to vary the dates dependent on the availability of the hosting educational organisation’s facilities. The subjects studied during the visit should relate to your current or past area of study, subject to the availability of a suitable match in the USA.

How are the lucky two chosen?
The bursary will be awarded following an application and selection process which will help decide where in the USA the visit is located.

Who was George Lauder?
The award of the George Lauder Bursary celebrates the vision of George Lauder, the uncle of Andrew Carnegie, in promoting the foundation in 1899 of a Further Education College in Dunfermline, now known as Fife College.

Who funds the bursary?
The Bursary is funded by annual contributions from the descendants of George Lauder and other
friends of the College based in the USA, to a fund administered by the Saint Andrew’s Society of the State of New York.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to visit and study in the USA and also offers you the chance
to get involved in the planning and organisation of the visit, record your experiences through a weekly blog and represent Fife College on your transatlantic
adventure. Wow!

The small print
To be a successful Bursary candidate, you must be able to meet the following criteria:
You must be either a full-time or part-time student currently enrolled at Fife College or have studied at Fife College in the last four years. If you are a previous student and not currently enrolled at Fife College in 2018/2019, an additional supplementary reference may be requested

The course you are studying, or have studied, must be at least SCQF Level 8 (or equivalent) e.g. HND or above Satisfactory academic success in the course studied is essential. If you are currently studying at SCQF Level 8 in 2018/2019, then the award will be dependent upon successful completion of your course and an excellent reference from the Faculty Director or Curriculum Manager to support your application The subject of study you would like to take up in the USA must relate to the current or past area of study at Fife College and will rely on
finding a suitable match in the States. As part of the bursary application, you must research
a relevant institution and related course and submit a compelling reason as to why this should be considered. It should be noted, that the Summer School you choose must be within 250 miles of New York State to satisfy the conditions of the Bursary
You must be able to commit to taking up the offer of the bursary between June and August 2019.
Actual dates to be confirmed as dependent on individual institutional summer programmes
You must be at least 18 years of age at time of application and hold a passport valid for at least 6 months in order to be eligible for a VISA
You must conduct yourself appropriately as a representative of Fife College at all times during your trip

To apply for this amazing opportunity, you need to submit an application of no less than 1,200 words. This application is your written proposal for extended study in America and should explain why you are applying for the Bursary, answering:
What makes you a suitable candidate
The field of study proposed to be undertaken
The benefits expected
How you have been inspired by your studies at Fife College

How to Apply
1. Online: visit
2. Email: email your application to Gaynor
Jamieson at [email protected]

The application process involves two stages:
Stage 1: All applications are assessed and shortlisted based on their content.

Stage 2: Applicants who have been shortlisted will be invited to attend an interview with the
Selection Panel. This stage will involve a Skype interview to partner members in the USA

The Selection Panel is made up of Executive members of Fife College and the St Andrew’s
Society of the State of New York.

Expectations of the Bursary Recipient
The successful bursary recipient(s) will be required to:
Commit to the visit
Participate in its planning and organisation
Record all aspects of the visit through an online,
weekly blog
Act as an enthusiastic ambassador for Fife College, representing our College as required by
hosts and our visit sponsor
Submit a report on their return

For further information, please contact:
Gaynor Jamieson
Trust Fundraiser
Fife College
Pittsburgh Road, Dunfermline
Fife KY11 8DY
0344 248 0115
[email protected]

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