Go Rural and the creation of a thriving agritourism sector

Mon 7 Apr 14

Go Rural is the organisation leading an initiative to help grow agritourism in Scotland with the overall objective of improving the profitability, productivity and sustainability of the farm business.

Understanding the economic value of the sector to Scotland and compiling a complete picture of the current offer is a valuable exercise that will inform the strategic direction of the industry going forward. To achieve this, Go Rural are conducting research to explore what agri-business currently offer to consumers, to look at ways where they can offer support and lead the growth of the sector, as well as understanding the positive impact the sector has on other service industries.

Anyone with an interest in seeing this sector develop to complete the anonymous survey about how stakeholders can be involved. The survey can be found here Go Rural business survey

As a further endorsement of the industry body, Go Rural Consulting has been appointed as facilitators for the South of Scotland and the East of Scotland Monitor Farm projects. Taking place over two years, the initiative will involve over 80 businesses and focus on two selected farms.

For further information please contact [email protected]

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