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Hospitality Lockdown Hero Awards

Thu 2 Jul 20

The UK's hospitality industry took a devastating blow in March when Covid-19 struck and businesses had to close their doors and prepare for the uncertainty of lockdown. Some businesses adapted with home delivery services, others collaborated to support their local community and some developed a digital offering for the very first time! There's still uncertainty around what the 'new normal' in hospitality will look like and how businesses will cope, but it's been incredible to see how many businesses have adapted and risen to the challenge.

That's why Hotel, Resturant & Catering (HRC) are delighted to announce the Hospitality Lockdown Hero Awards to recognise and celebrate the fantastic work done by the hospitality industry over the last tough few months. 

HRC have put together a variety of awards and encourage you to nominate those that you feel have made an incredible contribution to the industry or their local community. You can find out more about the awards nomination procedure here.

Please note: Entries close on Friday 24th July. The winner will be announced at a special ceremony which will take place in September.

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