LocalMotion Land Train: St Andrews, Advertising Opportunity

Wed 5 Jul 17

We are delighted to announce our continued partnership with BID St Andrews and our presence in the town throughout the summer season 2017. The LocalMotion Land Train will be operating throughout the town 7 – 8 trips per day, 5 days per week for July, August and September.

There is an opportunity for companies, organizations and groups therefore to advertise on the trains prominent advertising panels

There are various different sized advertising panels on our 3 carriage train which seats up to 60 people. These represent an excellent opportunity for you to reach a large and diverse audience in one of Scotlands main tourist destinations and advertise your product, service, destination or event.

The size and nature of the Land Train means that it makes a significant impact and never fails to attract a lot of attention as it glides along at no more than 10mph. It is a real 'head turner' and as well as passengers and passersby seeing the adverts, the audience reach is further enhanced by the many pictures of the train that are taken and shared.

We will operate in key locations throughout the town with stops at the Bruce Embankment, Cathedral, Old Harbour and South Street (outside Madras College). The panels will be on the train for a year which means that as well as St Andrews this the summer, your advert will be seen at other events in Scotland.

We also have page on our website for our advertising partners where your business will feature with a direct link through to your website.

We are also happy to discuss individual promotions to further encourage customers to visit your business or engage with your service. This can also double as a way of monitoring how much impact your advert is having.

Dimensions of panels and rates:

• Panels inside the carriages (4 available per carriage) 400mm wide by 440mm high (option of A3 size in frame). These panels are a great way to display special offers or a menu. If choosing a frame then this can easily be changed weekly or monthly to suit your needs
£200 per panel

• Panels outside the carriages (4 available per carriage on offside only) 400mm wide by 440mm high (option of A3 size in frame)
£375 per panel

• The front/end panels (1 at each end of each carriage with the exception of the rear door panel of carriage 3) are: 1110mm wide by 655mm high.
£600 per panel.

• The rear door panel on carriage 3 £800.

• The side panels (6 per carriage as 3 each side are: 615mm wide by 655mm high.
£600 per panel.

• The roof panels (1 per carriage) are: 2160mm in length by 280mm high
£600 single side or £1100 double side.

(Discount is available on multiple panels or whole of carriage orders).

Wish to proceed?

1) Get in touch by email, text or phone (listed below). We can discuss your exact requirements and forward you a scaled template and a guidance document along with an invoice for payment.

2) Prepare your artwork as per the guidance and submit for checking.

3) We will confirm receipt of your artwork and that it is in suitable format.

4) Once payment is received your advert panel will be produced and fixed to the Land Train. We will send an email with a photograph of your advert being displayed and start to promote your advert through our social media and website as appropriate.

(Please note that payment is required prior to production of the panels. There is no VAT on the prices and we cover the production costs).

This is the first circulation of this opportunity and it is likely to prove popular so to secure your panel(s) and avoid disappointment please get in touch now.

We hope that you will 'join us for the journey' in 2017 /2018 and let us help to promote your business in St Andrews and other events in Scotland.

Contact: For further information or any questions please contact Euan on: 07905 392 451 or by email at [email protected]

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