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Looking after your mental health

Fri 25 Sep 20

Mental health is becoming a huge concern across the industry and of course for us all as we move further through the pandemic into increasingly worrying times.

There is support available - it is so important to protect your own well-being at the moment.

Hospitality Health, the charity which supports the mental health and well-being of those working in the hospitality industry has added a new section to its website, COVID-19 with supportive links which may be helpful to staff unable to work at the moment.

The charity was founded last year by a good friend of the STA, Gordon McIntyre, Associate Dean of Hospitality and Tourism at the City of Glasgow College and has a variety of support resources on themes which have been extended to offer additional advice and suggestions for coping with the current crisis and the impact this has on our mental health.

If you're struggling or know someone who is, please visit the site where you’ll find some useful links and also slides which are delivered by a specialist trainer.

Find out more here.

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