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Marine and Outdoor Tourism Fund Round Two Open

Tue 21 Sep 21

Round Two of the Marine and Outdoor Fund remains open until Wednesday 29th September. We are aware that there are many businesses across the sector that may now be eligible to apply under the new criteria and we are hoping you will help spread the word amongst your own networks.

We are aware that this is an incredibly busy time for operators in the marine and outdoor sector and for this reason the fund will be open for a total of three weeks. 

Please fee free to use the text below and share as far and wide as possible. Thank you for your support.

Outdoor and Marine Tourism Fund Round Two

About the fund

Round Two is intended to provide support to marine and outdoor tourism businesses who have been significantly impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic to help keep them in business.

If you are a tourism operator in the outdoor tourism sector in Scotland and have not received a grant award from one of the funds announced by the Scottish Government on or since 15th December 2020 then you may be eligible to apply (these funds were announced by the Scottish Government on 21st December 2020).

The £800,000 COVID-19 Marine and Outdoor Tourism Restart Fund: Round Two is being delivered by VisitScotland, with development input from Sail Scotland and Wild Scotland, on behalf of the Scottish Government. VisitScotland is the awarding body for this Fund.  

Due to the complexity and breadth of businesses within the sector, a two-strand approach to grant funding is necessary to meet the needs of the sector. Businesses may only apply to one strand.  

The two strands are: 

1. Marine & Boating Tourism Operators 

2. Outdoor Wildlife, Adventure & Activity Sector Tourism Businesses 

This money is part of the original £104.3 million Scottish Government funding package – no new money has been provided for funding. 

Who can apply?

This Fund is aimed at responsible tourism operators in Scotland who provide a sustainable outdoor related activity to visitors on land, in the air or in the marine environment.  

This will encompass a broad span of activity types from wildlife watching to charter, day boat trips, sailing holidays, bushcraft and survival, and activities such as canoeing, mountaineering, hot air ballooning and paragliding.  

Take a look at the full criteria guidance document for more information on who can apply:

What are the key changes for Round Two of the Fund?

Applicants must meet the criteria of a 40% minimum annual turnover related to tourism activity, and these activities must be undertaken in Scotland. 

Addition of certain airborne activities. The full list of eligible activities can be found in the guidance document.

What is the application process?

Applications for Round Two of the Fund are now open until 5pm on Wednesday 29 September. Please have a copy of the guidance nearby so you can refer to it when completing your application.

If you have any queries about the Fund, please contact Marine&[email protected]

Please note: 

  • If a business applied for and was successful in Round One of this Fund, it will not be eligible for additional funding under Round Two.  
  • Businesses who applied to Round One but were rejected because they did not meet the eligibility criteria for Round One can apply for Round Two if they meet the eligibility criteria set out in the guidance document. These businesses will need to submit a new application to be considered for Round Two. 

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