Rail campaign conference

Tue 20 Sep 16

The Levenmouth Rail Campaign (LMRC) is holding a conference this Friday afternoon in the Fife Renewables Innovation Centre at Methil Docks. The event, from 1.30pm-4pm, is part of the quest to help reconnect the rail link between Levenmouth and Thornton/Edinburgh.

It seeks to update key stakeholders on the case for, and current status of, the Levenmouth rail link, and to identify ways of progressing the project. Visitors will hear the personal stories of local members of the public, while a range of speakers includes Lesley Laird, Fife Council's depute leader, Alan Mitchell of Fife Chamber of Commerce, and Janet Torley of the Federation of Small Businesses.

LMRC chairman Eugene Clarke said the campaign was at a crucial stage. "We've secured a meeting next month with Transport Minister Humza Yousaf, and we want to be able to demonstrate to him that our campaign is supported by all sides of the community," he said."There is no doubt this one project – less than six miles of rail – can do more for Levenmouth than any other infrastructure investment in the last 50 years. "It will meet government policy objectives relating to employment, inequality, the environment, poverty, health, tourism and education, and, as such, would produce immense benefit to the people of Levenmouth and beyond."

Members of the public are welcome and are asked to let LMRC know they are attending by emailing [email protected].

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