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Scottish Hospitality Covid-19 Restrictions - Financial Impact Survey Results

Fri 16 Oct 20

The Scottish Tourism Alliance conducted some research to gain further insights into the financial impact the introduction of new restrictions is likely to have predominantly on the hospitality sector.

The headlines from the survey are below:

- A total of 350 businesses responded, 180 of which have had to fully or partially close aspects of their business
- 47% of businesses said having to close fully/partially between 10th - 25th October would incurr fixed costs of up to £5,000 still having to be covered
-  5% said that despite zero income, more than £50,001 in fixed costs would still have to be covered
-  30% businesses who responded said they expected to lose up to £5,000 in revenue due to not being able to operate their food and drink outlets normally due to new restrictions
-  9% of businesses said they expected to lose more than £50,001+
-  38% of activity operators and visitor attractions who responded said they expected to lose up to £5,000 in total revenue due to new restrictions

You can view the report on the Scottish Tourism Alliance website here.

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