Seaweed n Stuff

Fri 21 Jun 19

Here at Seaweed n Stuff, we do our little bit for the environment by using \"Vegware\" tubs and spoons for some of our products.

Vegware can be disposed-of with your normal food waste and is compostable in 12 weeks.

We also offer a 30p refund on our glass jars if you bring the empties back to our shop. Sometimes the old-fashioned ideas are the best ones.

We are delighted to announce that we have teamed-up with The West Braes Project in Pittenweem as our charity partner.
5p from every jar of our delicious, home-made products will go towards the great work being done at the West Braes which not only benefits the local area, but will be an added attraction for the many tourists coming to the East Neuk.
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