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Smart Living Solutions Assist Holiday Lets Businesses Address Post-Lockdown Challenges

Fri 19 Jun 20

Smart Living solutions have increasingly become the norm for residential homeowners to install to provide improved home entertainment, lighting, comfort and connectivity throughout their property. The current lockdown situation has resulted in families becoming increasingly more dependent upon their home technology to go about their daily lives – both home work and home leisure.

However, the Smart Living environment has also taken a recent upturn within the tourism sector, with visitors to holiday accommodation expecting resilient and robust connectivity to the outside world whilst enjoying their stay at the holiday property. In addition to the visitor’s enhanced internet connectivity expectations and needs, the current smart technology solutions offer practical and safety features for both the visitor and the owner/manager of the holiday property let.

The practical ability to provide remote access and control of security is a ‘must have’ for many holiday property owners as they face the challenge of safety guidelines post lockdown. Solutions offering video access and robust smart phone security access for visitors during their stay is not only beneficial, but is also removing the requirement for physical key handover and handling. The ability for owners of the holiday property to remotely ensure doors are secure and camera-view the property from their own mobile devices is viewed as a sensible approach.

John Ross (Director of John Ross Smart Living) said: “There has been an increase in business from holiday property owners over the past eighteen months for many Smart Living solutions, as our clients are seeing their visitors being more discerning in their connection to the outside world whilst enjoying a break away from home. However, the past few weeks have seen a significant increase in enquiries relating to Smart Security solutions such as remote video entry and the ability to provide property security activated by the visitors own smart device, thus reducing the need for physical meet and greets and physical handling of keys for access, gate opening and such like. The market is really moving from smart living solutions being an enhancement to the customer stay to being a practical and safe benefit for both the visitor and the owner”.

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