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Stagecoach: Travelling safely in Scotland

Mon 22 Jun 20

As more people in return to work, government advice continues to be to only travel if your journey is necessary. 
The safety of our customers and employees is our priority so, in line with government guidance, we’ve put in place measures to help you stay connected in Scotland. 


Make a plan:


  • Allow extra time for your journey and try to travel at off-peak times, where possible.
  • Check our latest timetables before you travel.
  • Check our busy bus indicator on our   mobile app  to avoid busy services.  If your bus  looks too crowded, please wait for the next one. 
  • Wash or sanitise your hands before  your journey. 
  • Face coverings will become mandatory on public transport from Monday 22nd June, so unless you're exempt, please remember to bring one with you for your journey. 


At the bus stop:

Travelling Safely on our services


  • Try to keep 2 metres away from anyone else in the queue. 
  • Leave plenty space for people to get off the bus before you get on.
  • Pay by your smartcard, contactless card or smart phone where possible. Remember you can purchase your ticket in advance on our mobile app


On the bus:

Travelling Safely on our services


  • Wear a face covering. It’s an added level of safety for you, your fellow passengers and our drivers. Unless you're exempt, it will be mandatory to wear a face covering on any of our buses from Monday 22nd June.
  • Try to sit in the window seat, leaving the seats in front and behind you empty and please don't sit directly behind the driver.
  • Only one person should sit in a double seat, unless you’re with a member of your household.
  • To make social distancing easier for you on board, all passengers will be seated. There won't be any standing passengers on our buses. 
  • Opening a window will help with ventilation.
  • When leaving the bus stay seated, ring the bell and remember to take everything with you.
  • Please comply with any instructions from your driver, they will always have your safety  and well-being at heart.


Paying for your journey:

Payment Options


  • You can  buy tickets in advance from our     online shop and on our   mobile app. 
  • You can  also use contactless payment methods on all our buses.
  • If you only have cash, please try to have the exact fare. 






Q. Are you still running revised timetables? 

A. For now, yes we are continuing to run our revised services and our focus is making sure that those who have to make a necessary journey are able to get to where they need to go. 

Q. Where can I find your revised timetables?  

A. You can find timetable information for your local area on our website under “Service Updates” or in the   temporary timetable page. Please know we’re constantly reviewing these so keep checking to make sure you have the most up to date information.

Q. Are you increasing the number of services you operate and when will you be returning to your normal timetables?

A. We’re monitoring the numbers of people travelling and where possible we’ll try to add extra buses at busy times. We’re also working closely with government and local authorities on plans to increase the level of bus services as restrictions are eased and more people need to use our services. If you've used the service recently, let us know how we did by giving us some feedback

Q.  Are your travel shops and ticket offices closed? 

A. Yes, in line with the latest advice from the government. Customers who still need to make necessary journeys can continue to pay by contactless or by using the exact change (if possible) on our buses. 

Q. Are you only accepting contactless payments now?

A. We’re still accepting cash on our buses but as this puts you and our drivers at higher risk of spreading the virus, we’re encouraging customers to pay by contactless wherever possible. Tickets can also be bought in advance online or on our app. 

Q.  Do I need to have the exact fare if I pay by cash?

A. We are still offering change on all services in Scotland, but if you do have to pay by cash it would really help our drivers if you can have the exact fare, if possible. 

Q. Will you still let people travel even if they don’t have the exact fare? 

A. If you have to pay by cash, having the exact fare does help to reduce the level of cash our drivers handle on their daily shift You should always have a means of payment for your bus journey. Our drivers will assist those who are vulnerable and will make sure no-one is left stranded. 


Q. I’m working from home/self-isolating or I need to look after a dependant, can I get a refund on my ticket? 

A. If you'd like to talk with us about a refund about any of our tickets, please use our   refund request form.   

We’re currently really busy with lots of customer requests and it’s taking us up to 28 days to respond and process refunds so we would ask you to be patient.  All of our refund requests (however you send them in) go into the same queue. We’re prioritising by the date we receive them, so please avoid getting back in touch before 28 days has passed as it just slows things down for everyone. View our standard refund policy in section 13 of our   online terms and conditions

Q. What are you doing to help customers socially distance on your services?

A. All of our buses are fitted with protective screens for the safety of customers and our drivers when boarding/alighting the bus. Some of the seats around the driver have been removed from use and we request that customers take responsibility for socially distancing themselves from other passengers.

We are closely monitoring the levels of use on our services, if you’ve been on board recently and would like to give us feedback it would be much appreciated.  

Q. Should I wear a face covering?

A. In line with advice from the Scottish Government it will be compulsory to wear a face covering when using public transport from Monday 22nd June.  Exemptions will apply to those who cannot wear a face covering for medical reasons. Children under 5 are also exempt.   

Q. Will your drivers be wearing face coverings?

A. We provide face coverings and gloves for all of our staff to use on an optional basis. As all buses are now fitted with protective screens so your driver may choose to not wear a face covering.

Q Are you carrying out additional cleaning on your services? 

A. We already have well-established and rigorous cleaning regimes for our buses and coaches. Since March, we enhanced the measures we have in place with more regular cleaning of the main customer touch-points such as hand poles and grab rails with anti-viral products. We’re also giving additional cleaning materials such as personal hand sanitiser to our staff, as well as extra cleaning materials on board our buses. In some areas, you may start to see additional cleaning taking place throughout the day in bus stations and other interchanges.


If you have another question you can still get in touch with your local Stagecoach company.

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