Trading Opportunity for Local Food & Drink Producers : 14-16 Sept 2018

Thu 10 May 18

Perth City Centre is playing host to a Food & Drink Festival run by RR Events from 14-16 Sept 2018.  This is an extension to the Continental Food Market, which appears regularly in the City Centre across the year. The organisers are selling space to small producers (non-hot food providers only) during the event, and more details are in the attached introductory letter from RR.  Those interested in pursuing this either individually or in partnership with other producers should contact as outlined in the letter. 

This event is a separate commercial undertaking from the wider Great Perthshire Picnic, which takes place  across the region in September. But it is a welcome addition to the Foodie calendar.  For more information on the wider opportunities from the Great Perthshire Picnic please visit .

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