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UK and Ireland Market Research - COVID-19

Wed 21 Oct 20

Following the UK level results published last week, we now have the Scotland specific results looking forward to holiday intentions over the November-March period as well as an analysis of those who have taken trips in Scotland between July-September. 
This latest Scotland report looks at survey results for 31st August to 2nd October 2020 (compared to previous period mid-July to mid-August 2020)
Mood of the Nation

  • As outlined in the UK level report published last week, as at early October, the majority of the U.K. public think that the ‘worst is yet to come’ in relation to COVID-19, a sentiment that grew significantly in Mid-September.  Scotland residents are marginally more likely to think the worst is yet to come.
  • Increasing public pessimism is supported by a significant drop in confidence in the ability to take a U.K. holiday or short break in the next few months. A consistent 1 in 4 of U.K. and Scotland residents feel very or fairly confident a trip would go ahead between October to December, significantly lower than the 1 in 2 who were confident back in August.
  • This drop in confidence is driven by ‘government restrictions’, which is now the number one reason for low confidence, compared to the fourth most popular reason in August.  Scotland residents are more likely to cite ‘government restrictions’ than residents from the wider U.K. The second most likely reason is ‘concerns around catching Covid-19’.
  • The tangible impact of concerns around catching COVID-19 is evidenced by the 58% of U.K. residents stating that they would not visit a ‘previously locked down’ destination until at least 2 months after restrictions are lifted.

The full report is available on VisitScotland’s website, continue reading here.

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