Visit East Neuk Tourist Meeting Well Attended and Informative

Tue 26 Feb 19

Visit East Neuk's highly anticipated pre-tourist-season business meeting last Wednesday (20th) was a well-attended event at Bowhouse (St. Monans), with an enthusiastic audience on the night.  Attendees had the chance to learn more about the business group, and the evening's entry fee included a years' membership in Visit East Neuk.

"Visit East Neuk" is the new name of the East Neuk Local Tourism Association which aims to work with East Neuk visitor-facing businesses interested in developing themselves further by growing their customer base, increasing marketing outreach, and building a successful recognition factor. 

Roger Brown, Chairman of the group, touched on some changes in his opening remarks including supporting the information kiosk at Anstruther Harbour, a new website, more activity on Instagram, collaborating with tourism efforts in Dundee and St. Andrews, increasing the number of committee members so there is now representation from various area villages, increasing the meeting frequency schedule, and increasing outreach/interaction with groups such as Visit Scotland and the Fife Tourism Partnership. 

Short presentations were given by guest speakers: Alex Gardner spoke about the Information Kiosk he manages along with his Isle of May Ferry business at Anstruther Harbour; Rosie Jack gave a brief history of how Bowhouse came into being and how it is firmly involved in regional farming and "good food" activities;  Cllr. John Docherty gave a succinct and informative overview about government support and changes which benefit small businesses involved in tourism; Caroline Warburton relayed the help, support, and business-enhancing programs VisitScotland provides just a mouse-click away; and John Murray of Welcome to Fife/Fife Tourism Partnership explained how the research and surveys FTP conducts can be accessed and used by businesses to take the pulse of the tourism market, helpful when planning for the future.  Gavin Sime wound up the presentations as he spoke about social media and the best ways to make it work for you and your business. Among a wealth of information Gavin has his own video blogging programs, and knows social media inside and out.

Mill House, the in-house catering service for Bowhouse, provided a tasty buffet with a variety of hot/cold dishes, sandwiches, and wraps which were enjoyed during the evening as people caught up with those they knew, or met new colleagues for the first time.  




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