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Planning Laws & Regulations

The links on this page can help you find information on recent laws and legislation to help support your business.


Came into force on 1 September 2009.

Any establishment that does not have a personal licence holder nominated as a designated premises manager (DPM) and noted on their premises licence - all by 31 August - will not be able to serve alcohol after that date.

Licensing Authorities (usually local authorities) are responsible for licensing the sale and supply of alcohol, the provision of regulated entertainment and the provision of late night refreshment in Scotland. If you are carrying on any of these activities, you will need the relevant authorisation and should speak to your local licensing authority.

Caravan & camp site licenses

As well as planning permission, caravan and camp sites require a license. Local authorities issue licenses and often attach conditions covering health and safety issues such as fire safety, drainage and distances between caravans. To apply for a license or to find out if specific conditions are attached to your existing license contact Fife Council.


Information on employing staff can be found on the Business Gateway

Fire Safety Regulations

Fire safety law and guidance documents for businesses can be found on the Fire law

Food Hygiene and Safety

If you plan to sell food and drink you must be registered with your local authority. Fife Council and other agencies including the have an enforcement role in ensuring the food we eat is safe.

Health and Safety Regulations

Information to help you ensure you provide adequate health and safety for your staff and customers can be found on the Business Gateway website.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is the body responsible for health and safety legislation in this country. Their website offers a wide range of information and resources to help you comply.

Music Regulations

If you play recorded music in public (that is to say, in any commercial / business context), you may be legally required to get a license from Phonograph Performance Ltd (PPL) and the Performing Rights Society (PRS For Music).

Planning Permission & Building Regulations

You may need to obtain planning permission from your local authority if you need to; extend or alter an initial property; change an external appearance of a building; build new premises; or change a buildings use (e.g. to change it from a residential property to guest accommodation). Contact Fife Council

Smoking Regulations

On 26th March 2006 Scotland introduced a new law to banning smoking in bars, restaurants and all public places. Information about the legislation lets you know how you can play an important part in maintaining a smoke-free Scotland.

Television Licensing for Tourism Businesses

If you run a hotel or provide mobile units of overnight accommodation, you can benefit from a reduced-fee hotel and mobile units TV License.

Traffic Signs for Tourism Businesses

The erection of official brown tourist signs on local roads are the responsibility of Fife Council. On trunk roads they are the responsibility of Transport Scotland. Tourist attractions and facilities can apply to Fife Council for direction signs to their location. If you meet the required criteria, you have to cover the costs of erecting any signs. If you are interested in obtaining directional signs you must be part of Visit Scotland's Quality Assurance Scheme

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