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Research & How To Use It

Understanding what customers think of your business and service can be a sobering exercise, but it's hugely important to insert market and commercial reality into top team thinking about the competitive positioning of your business – helping you develop your brand, staff, service and marketing and sales practices and processes.

Crucially, you have to ask them – and depending on how you do this, you can also gather their contact details and leave them with a positive impression of your openness and maybe even give you the opportunity to sell further services (...interest in mid week break?... what else could we have done?)

Decide how you're going to carry your the research – by, online, face to face, focus group, or by post. There's also plenty of research advice available to help you. There are also many reports available on tourism trends, growth and niche markets and visitor profiles from VisitScotland and VisitBritain.

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